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Pond Advice and Tips

Follow along with Dave Kelly, the Tech Guy, as he reviews the features and benefits of the new evolved line of Aquascape AquaSurge water feature pumps. The combination of energy-efficient performance, high performance flow and ease of maintenance, make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. They are ideal for us with the Aquascape skimmer and falls as well as the Pondless® Waterfall filter vaults.

Inspirational footage of some of the most beautiful ecosystem ponds in North America.

Use Aquascape’s EPDM Tape Primer and Seam Tape for your next liner seam job! This video gives you the simple steps to adding liner to any job the right way.

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is often difficult to enjoy your water feature and landscape during the day. With the Aquascape LED Garden and Pond lighting system, enjoying your outdoor living space is easy… day or night. Join Dave Kelly, The Product Guy, as he talks about the different styles and power options of the new lighting system as well as the many other benefits that will allow you to expand the enjoyment of your water feature into the evening hours.

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