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How To Install Pavers

Equipment Needed

broom, concrete saw, guide string, gloves, hammer (2-3 lb.), knee pads, pencil, plate compactor, rake, level, leveling board (wood 2″ x 4″, 8′-10′ long), leveling guides (two, 1″ diameter pipes or wood, 10′ long), shovel, spray paint, stakes, tape measure, safety glasses, trowel, wheelbarrow

Getting Started

  • Layout design on paper
  • Estimate required amount of product, edge restraint, coarse granular base, and concrete bedding sand needed

Ground Preparation

  • Transfer design onto the ground at the site using spray paint
  • Mark the top of the desired finished surface, using stakes and guide string (A)(for minimal slope drainage, 1″ of vertical elevation for every 8′ of horizontal surface is recommended)
  • Excavate ground below the surface guide string line (B) to desired depth
  • Spread granular base (C), dampen and compact with a plate compactor, 3″ below surface guide string (do not walk on screed sand base)

Installing Pavers

  • Install edge restraint (D) on starting edge
  • Spread 1″ layer of bedding sand (E), using the leveling boards and leveling guides
  • Lay pavers (F), keep level to surface guide string and use additional guide string to keep pavers square
  • Use concrete saw to cut pavers as needed to fit your design


  • Install edge restraint on remaining edges
  • Use plate compactor over entire surface
  • Sweep concrete sand or polymeric sand into all spaces between pavers, repeat step after 2 days

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