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Save homeowners money in the long run by installing better products like pressure regulated spray heads.

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"My profits are getting smaller."

"It's getting harder to compete with XYZ competitor."

"My competition is too cheap."

We hear these complaints all the time. Well here is a way to separate yourself from the competition and save the homeowner money. How? By charging more. Yes by charging more.

Now before you say we're crazy let us explain. How can you charge more money and still save the homeowner money? By installing better products that save the homeowner money in the long run.

Better Products Use Less Water

You can easily save your customer 15 gallons of water per sprinkler per week. And this is a conservative number. 15 gallons per sprinkler per week means a great deal of water conservation and puts money back in the pocket of the homeowner. Today most customers will jump at the chance to save 15 gallons of water. Also most cities charge for water usage and water disposal or sewer. Thus the customer can save twice as much money (once on the use and once on the sewer). And the best part is you can confidently charge your customers more for these efficient smart improvements.

One product that can help customers save this much water: pressure regulating spray heads. By reducing the pressure from 40 PSI to 30 PSI on a 15' radius half-pattern spray head with an average run time of 60 minutes per week pressure regulating spray heads will easily save 15 gallons per week per sprinkler. Remember this is based upon reducing the pressure only by 10 PSI. And this a conservative number – imagine the savings with a 20 or 30 PSI reduction.

Let's work through a typical small residential installation. Suppose you are bidding a job that will have 10 spray heads. Each product will be a 15' radius half pattern spray head. Each will run 1 hour a week. This will be a savings of 15 gallons per sprinkler times 10 sprinklers which equals 150 gallons of water per week. Now multiply this by how many weeks a year you irrigate.

If you want to work out different scenarios please visit [Rain Bird's water savings calculators](

Installing pressure-regulating spray heads is one of the simplest ways to save your homeowner customers money. It takes no additional labor to install and it sells itself to the customer. Imagine telling the homeowner "You will save 15 gallons per week per sprinkler compared to my competitor's bid of using traditional non-pressure regulating spray heads."

It's a win-win situation for everyone.
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September 12, 2022


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