The Value of Certification

Help your business stand out from competitors with certifications.

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One of the best ways to grow your business is by giving it a competitive advantage. Stand out among the “other guys in town” with a little training. As a Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT), you will automatically position yourself as a trusted resource and professional for customers, employers, and peers. Whether you work in turf and landscape, golf or agriculture, irrigation systems are a key component to your business, and certification will help you take it to the next level. SiteOne® Landscape Supply and the Irrigation Association are ready to help you navigate the certification process. Here are four proof points that reinforce the ROI.  

  1. Obtain instant credibility. Earning a certification title sets you apart from competitors as customers consider who to hire for a job. The seal behind your company name demonstrates your training and knowledge to get a job done well.  
  2. Increased job opportunities. Many jobs, especially municipal projects require certification, and some states expect certification to operate. Check with your respective state’s board to determine if licensing is required. Whether you’re bidding on new jobs, seeking new responsibilities, or building a client base, certification opens the doors to new opportunities.  
  3. Demonstrate your commitment to water efficiency. Everyone is working to be better stewards of the environment, so water management is an important issue for businesses and homeowners. Certified irrigation contractors, landscape irrigation designers, and golf and landscape auditors qualify for the
  • EPA’s consumer awareness campaign  
  • Marketing benefits, including the use of the logo, to promote themselves as being certified by a WaterSense labeled program  
  • Listing on the EPA’s online directory  
  1. Gain access to verified educational materials. Earning your CIT is a great first step. It’s important to stay ahead of changing technology with ongoing

SiteOne Content Team

July 6, 2022