Grow Your Business: How to Sell Landscape Lighting to Customers

Landscape lighting is a bright idea for you and your customer, especially as more and more homeowners look to expand outdoor living areas.

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You don’t need to be a master electrician to install landscape lighting. With a little guidance and know-how, the process is relatively easy to add as a profitable service offering. Contractors report that the margins from outdoor lighting are better than almost all segments of existing services. SiteOne is illuminating the path with three steps: target customers, close the sale and feel confident in adding landscape lighting to your portfolio.  

  1. Go back to the basics and find any opportunity to start; this could be your home or a friend or relative’s house. The key to successfully selling outdoor lighting — take lots of pictures. Before and after pictures of any project can spark the emotion while satisfying the reason in a customer’s brain. Consider giving early clients, even friends or family, a discount to allow the house to be used in your marketing efforts (Friendly reminder: don’t forget to ask for permission!).  
  2. Review previous accounts you have completed work for. A good customer from a past project will be willing to work with you on this new endeavor.  
  3. Once a target customer has been identified, ask lots of questions. What do they want to do with their lighting project? What is the budget? If no budget is available, put together two versions (simple and full coverage) of a proposal — it’s likely you will land somewhere in the middle. Other questions to ask include: Where is the power source? What is the function of the space you want to illuminate? Do you anticipate expanding the space or adding additional lighting in the next two to three years? Do you live in a community that has lighting restrictions such as dark sky or sea turtle protection?  
  4. Always schedule your installation during the day. Then, return in the evening to showcase the setup to your clients. With this approach, you can present the system after dark, when the lighting effects will be most dramatic.  
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May 12, 2021