Efficiency Tools for Hardscaping Jobs

If you’re just starting out in hardscapes or need a refresher on helpful tools for the jobsite, take a look at this list of our favorite tools.

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Time is money, and you want to be as prepared as possible for a wide variety of jobs. These tools are a great starting point in the hardscaping business and are needed at most job sites. You probably already own some of them.  

  • Tape measure  
  • Marking pencil  
  • String line  
  • String collar  
  • Spikes and stakes  
  • Shovel  
  • Rake   
  • Hand tamp   
  • Adjustable hose nozzle   
  • Levels  
  • Aluminum Screed  
  • Hammer  
  • Dead blow hammer  
  • Chisel  
  • Rubber mallet  
  • Caulking gun  
  • Push broom  
  • Clamps  
  • Speed square or paver square  
  • Leaf blower  
  • Wheelbarrow  
  • Paver lifting tool  
  • Paver extractor  
  • Paver adjuster  
  • Cut off (or demo) saw  
  • Plate compactor  

SiteOne Content Team

August 1, 2022