Efficiency Tools for Hardscaping Jobs

If you’re just starting out in hardscapes or need a refresher on helpful tools for the jobsite, take a look at this list of our favorite tools.

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Time is money, and you want to be as prepared as possible for a wide variety of jobs. These tools are a great starting point in the hardscaping business and are needed at most job sites. You probably already own some of them.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
You need PPE before you begin. Plan for the best and expect the worst. 

Steel toe boots are necessary to protect your feet from heavy materials on the jobsite. Make sure every team member has a pair of safety glasses when cutting and chiseling to protect eyes from debris. Cutting pavers, slabs, and stone with power tools can cause hearing damage, so don’t forget ear protection. See our Ear Protection Tips video for more information. Crew members should wear dust masks in order to be compliant with OSHA standards and to prevent lung damage. Your hands are your livelihood. Work gloves go a long way to protect some of your most important tools.

Essential Hardscaping Tools

Hand tools

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      Larger Tools 

        SiteOne’s Castle Collection 

        SiteOne has developed a comprehensive natural stone solution for beautiful outdoor spaces that saves you time and money. Jumbo-sized, natural paving stones come in convenient patio packs of 108 square feet to reduce expenses and project waste while keeping your jobsite neat. All the stones in this collection have a milled bottom surface with a gauged tolerance of +/-4mm. This consistent thickness makes installation easier and faster compared to traditional natural stone products. The Castle Collection provides you with seamless solutions to complete your entire project. From patio flooring to coordinating finishing pieces, this collection is perfect for any project, big or small. 

        SiteOne Stone Centers are Your One-Stop Shop

        Whether you need products or have questions about a job, SiteOne Stone Center associates are ready to help at your local branch. You can also shop at or the SiteOne mobile app.


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        August 1, 2022


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